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Who is flywallet for?

Whether you're a novice or a pro, flywallet is the perfect tool if you love to travel and want to do so consistently. We help you organize your finances to make booking a trip easy and stress-free.

Join flywallet to make travel part of your lifestyle.
It's the best thing for you.


Choose an amount you want to set aside monthly or biweekly for travel. flywallet’s recommended budget removes all the guesswork from the equation.


Search the best flight deals on the internet and add them to your watchlist. Our in-app budget calculator tells you exactly how to afford your watched flights.


Book flights when they are at their lowest for only half upfront. Pay the rest in flexible installments before you fly. No stress. No interest. Book now and pay later.


Receive an international multi-currency card that you can use abroad to avoid fraud, theft and foreign exchange rates. No need to pack your wallet. Just take your card. 


Connect with your friends and family to save together, book together or even crowdfund your trip on social media by sharing your flywallet link.

“We understand the financial burdens of travel all too well. Too many people miss out. flywallet makes budgeting and paying for travel easy. Sign up and we’ll show you how you can travel multiple times a year no matter your budget!

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