What is flywallet?

flywallet is a fintech that guarantees travel every year no matter your budget. Stick to a plan until you've reached your goal and you can even book early! Your funds are safe and every penny you save is for that dream trip you have in mind, with no temptation to spend on anything else. 
flywallet is here to help.

Who is flywallet for?

Whether you're a novice or a pro, flywallet is the perfect tool if you love to travel and want to do so consistently. We help you organize your finances to make booking a trip easy and stress-free. Join flywallet to make travel part of your lifestyle. It's the best thing for you.​

Why would I need a flywallet?​

We know how difficult it can be to save or have the entire amount to pay all at once. flywallet helps you divide the payment over time and save even when plans are not guaranteed yet and you need that extra push to make it happen.

Why should I use flywallet?​

You pay energy bills, gas bills, phone plans, internet plans, insurances, leases and the list goes on...With flywallet you can start paying for travel plans too. Use your money wisely and invest in yourself!

Can I use any currency ?

We accept the currencies accepted by our payment provider: Mangopay which are: EUR, GBP, USD, CAD, SEK, NOK, DKK, CHF, ZAR, PLN. If you are paying with another currency, exchange rates of your local bank will apply.

Can I create a flywallet with others?

flywallets can be made as a group to save for a trip with your friends, family, or spouse. Connect multiple people to one flywallet who can contribute regularly.

Can other people deposit into my flywallet?​

Yes. Even if they don’t have an account, share your flywallet account details so that your friends and family can gift you money directly.

What's the catch?

Saving and booking with flywallet is FREE. Every penny you put into your flywallet goes towards your travel plans. If you want to book in multiple payments, flywallet charges a fixed fee [50]. This locks the price and allows you to spread out the remainder at your own pace. Upon booking, we assign you an "early payment reward" deadline. If you complete all payments before the deadline, you get [25] back into your flywallet. We want to reward you for planning properly and booking early. That's the key to travel more every year!

Can I cash out and cancel my flywallet account?

Of course you can, it's your money after all. If you cancel your flywallet we will stop deductions immediately and you can withdraw your balance (charges apply). For emergency refunds contact us at info@flywallet.co

If I cancel my flight do I get my money back?​

Yep. But be aware that you will be asked to pay the associated charges applied by the supplier (Airline) once a flight is "booked".

Questions, comments, concerns? 

Feel free to email us at: info@flywallet.co

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